Me and my art manifest diaries, Gabriella Cleuren, 2009

Me and my art manifest diaries

Gabriella Cleuren


A life-long project I 'm working on , are my 'memories'. Life is so short and I want to save who I am and how I felt in a constantly moving work of art. Naturally creating brings a great pleasure to me. Sometimes I feel like a magisian. Every page is like a wave of the sea, a living organism from which  we can see the respiration, the flux every moment on the beach.That's also the case for me . I am a person who lives very close to nature. That's why I work spontaniously. I only think,  analyse , afterwards , after the work is done. It's sometimes working like into a trance. I am convinced that this natural way of acting, like a child makes its drawings, is work that brings over energy to others. They feel a force,  standing before the work . It radiates, and will be felt by other persons independent from to which culture or to which time they belong. We call that universal.

Perhaps because my life was very lonely I felt that necessity to fix feelings (expressed by the person in the middle of the work), dreams, moments and observations, all the things that constitute human life .

Like for Picasso : life is the only source for my work. A lot of my time (21st  century) and surrounding are incorporated naturally.

As an evolution in time (I lived in Hamburg at that time) I looked  more and more inside of me. The long winters and isolated way of living caused this. Perhaps sometimes works are a selfdiscussion. And the wisdom I discovered  by observating is also the case for other human beings .

So far the totaly natural part of the paintings.

But as a contemporary artist from the beginning I had to think about the language I was going to use to explain myself and to be as original as possible and not to repeat something that already existed . Parallel to the computer I developped my very personal pictograms and use them in a similar way..That is the alfabeth  I think belongs to our time. Egyptians used their hieroglyphs to tell about their lifes.

I decided also to use  a free form to be able to explain all the aspects of life.So the pictograms variate like the leaves of a tree.They have a basic structure but can be a little bit different interpretations.

Gabriëlla Cleuren 17/09/2009

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