11/05 Artist statement 2020, Gabriella Cleuren, 2020

11/05 Artist statement 2020

Gabriella Cleuren


As a child I already felt it: the need to create. It was in me. I stacked boxes: a house, plucked twigs and peeled them: bare or wash: wrapped them naked white in a colorful piece of ribbon, that's how they were dressed. Nature was always nearby: the steel-blue sky with white clouds, with a frightening plane that roared beastly and suddenly plunged straight down: threat!

In the ditch nearby I splashed barefoot, felt the smell of sand and the caress of water on my feet. Sometimes I caught a wonderfully colored salamander. Color, water feeling, nature and threat, already present at that time. In this way I absorbed the aspects of life and closed them in an image through which I spoke and communicated.

The academy refined my sense of color, gave me technique, taught me the art of omission and speaking without a voice.

I learned through trial and error how to convert my own world and thoughts into an intelligible image. I soon found my own technique, later more that gave my sculpture a different look.


The changing world made a deep impression on me. I collect images that substantiate this. I creatively convert this into a contemporary form with an emotional touch. Free interpretation has to go in some direction. The emotional aspect is essential. I endeavor to bear witness to the evolution of the world. It's my time. it's your time too.

Withdrawn from the world.

Daily creation has become like breathing. My thinking attaches itself to the objects around me, converts them, uses them, makes a visual object. I can't throw anything away, you never know if it will be useful to make something with it. I have always worked from my studio, first in Hamburg, later in Sint-Niklaas. I became an "Expressive Spontaneous Artist" in the performance, but I created my own language, preceded by thinking, uniquely linked to my time.

 For almost 50 years I have worked in silence, fully dedicated to my art conceived of improving and perfecting my significant paintings and unique objects.

 This resulted in different series depending on the theme for which I each designed my own technique.

Like Pessoa, I feel one personality with different veins in myself.

Gabriëlla Cleuren. 05/11/2020

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