10/04  From my window , Gabriella Cleuren, 2020

10/04 From my window

Gabriella Cleuren


A "From my window" appears regularly between my virtual worlds. These are often exercises that I make from my studio window, in pure joy of notation, where a lot of green and rural life can be seen, cows, horses, fields and forests. Interesting constellations to perform an exercise on. And an immense sky with beautiful clouds in all variations that emerge especially in the evening when the sun disappears behind the dark tree formations. Too fascinating not to write down, melancholic or rhythmic, threatening, gold-edged or worn in formation by evening winds. The sun breaks orange or hot white through trees for a while and draws beautiful stripes of purple and yellow, blood red or yellow ocher behind the houses. Then evening and night fall. The sky turns dark blue with twinkling twilight lights in black.
During the day, a roof pierces the foliage, lawns waves like a sea of ​​green with white animals: slow sculptures, a challenge to hold their movements, contours and expression. A good hand exercise in moving drawing and composing. Some chickens and children move around the edge, hold on. Interesting tree formations, both in shape and color, a good practice of composition and color balancing. Am I doing it patchy or synthetic? Cover up some distant willows in autumn and my tulip tree turns a rusty yellow. Everything can be used as an image to express something from overwhelming to silent admiration or even abstraction of the forms. The seasons take place before my eyes and express origination or death, like life. In this way I use the direct contact with seeing outside of my usual themes to hold on to and express what offers itself and what I experience inwardly. Those are my window pictures.

Gabriëlla Cleuren 04/10/2020

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