BRAVE new old WORLDS. Reminder of the 21st century., Gabriella Cleuren, 2015

BRAVE new old WORLDS. Reminder of the 21st century.

Gabriella Cleuren


My paintings contain my findings about my time in a collection of images (a large time span 1990-2015 pooled and critical illustrated by the titles). The series is still being supplemented.

Following on from my fascination(enthralled) by the work of Goya: who in his graphics and in  his black paintings especially,  gives critical commentary about his time enjoyed, memories, testimonies of the war between Spain and France in the 18e and 19e century and the mentality of intolerance in that time.. I suggest parallels with my own time. There is hardly improve in the human situation, 200 years later.. The wars are numerous and proliferate like fire locally on our planet, but with horrific consequences. As in biblical catastrophes   man destroys his environment, his world, his existence, his fellow man ...You only need to collect images to find prove of it. This is an installation where my paintings are built on.

The collected images MEMORIES FROM the 21st CENTURY are numerous and can be found everywhere, prophetic predictions, testimonies of revenge, repression, blindness, extreme greed, vanity, delusions entry, often by other phenomena such as globalization, dislocation and worldwide spreading . It is this 21e century material with which I work: my time.

My medium is painting, sometimes the object.

Since art is transformation, the image is modified.

It is the unreal reality in bearable form cast. The key is the creative medium used in so far as that it disrupted the readability but not totally disintegrates in various gradations. Reality is so consciously deployed and sometimes against the edge of abstraction. The medium is systematically used, but in the custody of the emotion written spontaneously. The design is unthinkable without computer design and bound.

Collecting is seeing different things in relation. This line brings understanding where a single work does not lead. It draws the trajectory of the path, a path that was not to see in advance, but only get its form strung from a multitude of memories.

But it remains always painting: a picture of layering by content, form, color, key, held together.

Many unique images, including those here not to see, sit in my book held, a special art book with limited edition and an essay by Bart Vandenabeele, professor of Aesthetics and philosophy at the University of Ghent.

Despite the content, these are bearable images that give a view of the important aspects of our time, the 21 st century.

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