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Statement on "FILLED EMPTINESS unique worlds" : De Ster

Gabriella Cleuren


Years of observations (since 1980) of this site in my area, a recreation area for the average income Belgian, that nowadays, in times of globalisation, mainly evolved to immigrants in the summertime: Arabic, Turkish, Jewish, Indian, Black and indigenous in the wintertime . The world is not standing still. The effects of globalisation are visible in the change of present individuals or groups, now a minority of Western people. This area with a lake, a beach and woods: a place of relaxation of men in nature.

Interestingly, over the years my technique has also evolved from closed, slow, and patchy to gesticulated fragments, often bordering on abstraction.

Contact with reality, life in its specific aspects is an important foundation for my work. How do you consciously create from your mind, which is necessary for my concept of my 'virtual worlds'? For this purpose you first have to fill up your battery with colour, shape, motion and composition. The content then automatically sprouts from the data collected. It imposes itself. Frequent, daily continuous observations deliver a vision. It is similar to the research of a scientist. From this you can make decisions. This way, doing recurring research is a necessity for creation. Even techniques impose themselves differently in a different environment, as clothing for a different climate. Moreover, I deliberately test different options technically: the British way of working, French and I even discovered how the Greeks, already in 400 AD, used a red line on their vases, then washed with colour, invented by me, being unaware of such an old existence. Excavations in Kabul (during Alexander the Great) brought forth this technique. Thus nothing new. People stay within their range.

As regards content, I have established a far-reaching individualisation in Western people, who live in small entities, while immigrants show greater social cohesion. They sit at tables along with other families and share their delight.

Their place is not on the beach, but in lush, green spaces and under the shade of trees. For them this is paradise, where everything grows, very different from the arid desert places they usually come from.

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