Statement on

Statement on "Filled Emptiness unique worlds" : Bonaire

Gabriella Cleuren


Loneliness is a contemporary disease. In my work of the outside worlds she takes an important place.

I used totally abandoned landscapes as I knew them from Bonaire, where I lived for many years, as metaphors for solitude, memories of desolate worlds. A large part of the Caribbean island, nature reserve, was scanty, blood beautiful, with few people or sometimes a single human being that I consciously placed in the abandoned area. If you admire these empty worlds, you start to notice how full they are, filled with color, shape, mystery, a rare tree or trees, withered flowerings, creatures, birds and rocks, memories of the past: petroglyphs of the Arawaks.

The emptiness is full, filled with not immediately remarked presence, strange skies and clouds, lonely beauty.



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