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News: Highlighted work from the series

Highlighted work from the series "Brave new old Worlds" : Furious protesters 2014

December 7, 2020 - Gabriëlla Cleuren

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Revolutions: in Israel and Palestine and in Arab countries: Lebanon. Iraq, Syria. Also in Europe, many parades of malcontents: in banlieux in France during Sarkozy, now the yellow vests under Macron (unlivable life for people). Growing inequality.

Stephane Hessel a 93 year old came out with his critical booklet "Indignez vous" in Jan 2011 "indignant U". The excesses of capitalism, banking crisis and indecision of politics went into consciousness, or lack of change through dictatorship: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, African countries. Great emigration got underway often reinforced by wars, climate change, drought, desert advancement, so that waiting for a future was meaningless. Take your chance in Europe or the USA because it is hopeless in your own country, offers no future. The fighting posture from the 2nd World War seemed to have disappeared, according to Hessel. General moral turmoil: need for outrage at the attitude of banks and erosion of soc. certainty prompted a revolt. (Spain) .In Europe, this led to an increase in crime: drug trafficking (Netherlands - Belgium).

Example of executives using the service is unbelievable. Meanwhile, emigration to Europe and the USA continues with serious consequences.

There is also an explanation of human rights as a guideline.

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