#06 The Walk : Video from Denkaufgaben, Gabriella Cleuren, 2019

#06 The Walk : Video from Denkaufgaben

Gabriella Cleuren


A memory is always coloured, very personal, it’s never a fact, that’s why it’s not really a reliable tool in a lawsuit. It’s virtual, it’s living in the head, the mind, the heart. It can be coloured by wishful thinking, by conversations about a certain fact, by feelings in general. Gabriëlla: “Reminiscence triggers creativity.”

For Gabriëlla reminiscence is an ocean filled with inspiration, a world next to the real world, another virtual world. Gabriëlla: “Virtual worlds are not perfect, it consists of free forms, in a free style. Sometimes they look a bit lumpy, but that’s part of their charm. Like the brutal work of Basquiat.”

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