#05 Cataclysm : Video from Denkaufgaben, Gabriella Cleuren, 2019

#05 Cataclysm : Video from Denkaufgaben

Gabriella Cleuren


#05 Cataclysm : Video from Denkaufgaben 

Warning: this is a dark page in history, pitch black. In april 2010 the Gulf of Mexico turned black. The Deepwater Horizon, a drilling rig used by the BP oil company, exploded and almost 5 million barrels of oil escaped into the ocean. It became one of the biggest environmental disasters ever. A symbolic one, we realize more and more oil is killing us: CO2, plastics, pollution…

Gabriëlla was flabbergasted when she witnessed that apocalyptic scene on tv. As a response she attacked the canvas for a month, making 20 paintings about the extinction of all seas, they became all warnings for the future.

Gabriëlla: “And look where we are now. We are still living in a mad world. It’s sad. A lot of oil companies are still not thinking of our well being, sending their lobby groups to influence politics everywhere. Only profit is their aim. With all the money they earn, they could make a better world.”

But there’s more climate change consciousnes now? The youth will fix it?

Gabriëlla: “Thirty years ago it was already a big problem, but nothing happened. I think it’s too little, too late now. They can try, but this transition demands so much effort, on an international level, it’s so complicated. It’s like trying to turn a Titanic sized boat 180° in just a couple of seconds. Am i pessimistic when i say it's impossible?”

And she ends with a humoristic note: “Do you know that there used to be poles on the African continent? Pollution could turn the poles again, tip over the earth, we will all be flying for free (laughs)”

Black humor on a black page. Brave new old world.

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