#03 Virtual Worlds a diary: Video from Denkaufgaben , Gabriella Cleuren, 2019

#03 Virtual Worlds a diary: Video from Denkaufgaben

Gabriella Cleuren


Back in the old days painters told there stories through icons and symbols. In the nineties Gabriëlla decided to use the efficient visual language of computers. She tries to fit her feelings and observations in pictograms, creating her own ‘Windows’. And there’s another virtual touch to it: she paints with pixels, emotional ones, spontaneous dots.

Gabriëlla: “In my series Brave New Old Worlds the pixels look almost crumbled, very rough, referring to the crumbling of the time, evolving in a good or bad way.”

To show us that her Virtual Worlds are timeless, she brings us to the Maria Magdalena church, close to the central station in Brussels. “I’m not really a religious person, but the way the light is filtered through the glass windows, almost makes me cry. It’s so beautiful, peaceful. A glass window is divided into different pieces, i feel connected to that method, it’s how i divide a painting into pictograms.”

Another similarity between the glass windows and Gabriëlla’s paintings is the use of a central figure, surrounded with an ‘entourage’. Gabriëlla: “It’s very touching, because it goes back to the essence of mankind. I always use a central subject that i wreathe with what happens around me, what i feel, what i think… And i repeat those things, just like those figures in the glass windows return.”

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