#02 Powerful Poetry Of Nature : Video from Denkaufgaben, Gabriella Cleuren, 2018

#02 Powerful Poetry Of Nature : Video from Denkaufgaben

Gabriella Cleuren


In the summer of 2014, Gabriëlla decided to dedicate a series of her work to the poetry of the forest/wilderness.

Gabriëlla: “Back in those days traveling abroad became impossible for me, so I decided to turn my attention to a nearby biotope: a lake surrounded by a forest, an area where i walk with my husband a lot.”

Your nearest paradise

Gabriëlla repeats it like a mantra: “You don’t have to go far to encounter the poetry of nature. It’s closer than you think. You just have to see it.”

Indeed, why travel thousands of miles to see nature’s wonders while your ecological footprint grows like a Bigfoot? Go outside, get lost on purpose, in your own neighborhood. After a while, maybe after only a few miles, it will hit you, it could be triggered by a detail, maybe because of the light or a shadow, a movement, a color, a sound, a smell and definitely a feeling.

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