NEWS FROM THE ARTISTS : Keith Mcfarlane Artworld, Gabriella Cleuren, 2015

NEWS FROM THE ARTISTS : Keith Mcfarlane Artworld

Gabriella Cleuren


Artworld Keith Mcfarlane


It's always a pleasure to bring you news from our growing community of artists. We heard recently from Belgian artist, Gabriella Cleuren, whose excellent and well presented web-site features her Painting of the Month.

And it was her most recent composition, "Escape or perish" that drew our eye. The work "shows but does not tell" the story of the most recent, and often tragic migration of the desperate and the dispossed fleeing poverty and war. The painting's power lies not in the literal, but in the facelessless of the figures, in the wavelike, dreamlike, transience of the boats, their merging, all but imperceptibly, into the ocean itself: a visual paradox that captures in one moment both hope and despair.

While we are shocked by news footage, and numbed by statistics, it is a painting that can create empathy. It shows the power and the value of an unstated yet political art.

ESCAPE OR PERISH by Gabriells Cleuren. Acrylic on prepared Steinbach 250 g/mg paper. 54 x 73 cm (21¼" x 28¾"). 




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